Having a strong online presence begins with your website. Your website is your virtual home. You want to keep it welcoming, informative and fresh. We understand that you’re a busy business owner no extra time and limited tech skills to keep your home ‘clean’.

People want to hear from you. People need to find you. People want to learn more  your product or service. Think about it. You have things going on…your business is beginning to take off or it may already be successful.

What's new? Update your website.

The problem is do they know where to find news about:

  • your upcoming speaking engagement?
  • recent Facebook Live video tutorial?
  • what publication you were recently featured in?
  • new coaching program?

That’s where we come in to help. Get ready to receive ‘a virtual blessing’. For a reasonable monthly investment or one time payment you get help with your WordPress website.  Updating your website regularly will help you get found and increase your chances of being ranked higher on Google. So, keep your website and its content fresh!  Pricing begins at $250.

  • New page for services, products or announcements.
  • Update website with new images.
  • Add new media or events.
  • Upload the your most podcasts or videos.
  • Format new blog post.
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