Ready to enhance your online presence?

You are – great! It’s okay if you’ve already tried but didn’t get the results you wanted or became frustrated with all the time and effort required. To have a successful online presence you must be active, consistent and provide value to your audience. Let us help you!  You do not have to figure it all out on your own.  

Why should you invest in social media marketing? Well, it’s not going away and the benefits are huge!

According to the Social Media Examiner’s 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report the top three social media marketing  benefits are:

  • increase in exposure
  • increase in traffic
  • development of loyal fans

These top benefits have remained the same over the last few years. So, if your business is not ‘social’ you are missing out. Your current clients and prospective clients want to connect and hear from you. Learn more about our services below.


Social Media Marketing Services

96% of businesses are using social media to market themselves. To have a successful online presence you must be active, consistent and provide value to your audience.  Top three benefits of social media marketing are increase in exposure, increase in traffic and development of loyal fans. 

Social Media Marketing Consulting Services

Not ready to commit to monthly services or just need help exploring your options? Then let’s chat. Invest in a consulting call. I’ll help you sort out your goals with and provide you with actionable steps to move towards them.

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Dr. Michael J. Marx, Ed
Author, Professional Coach and Business Owner

Tahneesha has been the greatest asset to my business team.  She is positive and uplifting when I don't feel that way which prompts me to have a better day.   Tahneesha is exactly what my business needed because she has skills I don't possess and has been able to advance the business far beyond what I did alone. Not only does she have skills of writing ads, posting emails, helping with ebooks, newsletters and other; Tahneesha offers great ideas and critiques that improve business products. She has great planning and communication skills and keeps everything going on a timely basis. I appreciate her tremendously!

Sheron Chisholm
Sheron Chisholm, RN, Nurse's Coach, and Business Owner

A Virtual Blessing has been a gift to my business in the sense that Tahneesha just intuitively and diligently aligned our social media strategy with the voice and vision of our company. Anyone who is blessed to connect with A Virtual Blessing should expect outstanding visually content, up-to-date methods, relevant substance, fresh and evolving ideas, consistent heart and commitment, dependability and over delivery. I can say that certainly explains our experience and I am certain that God strategically aligned our company with the gift Tahneesha brings through her company. I now find Tahneesha to be a friend and partner with us and I can confidently say that hiring A Virtual Blessing has been one of the best marketing decisions I have made for our company!

Keitra Robinson
CEO and Co-Founder, Believer's Gear