A Virtual Blessing has been a gift to my business in the sense that Tahneesha just intuitively and diligently aligned our social media strategy with the voice and vision of our company. Anyone who is blessed to connect with A Virtual Blessing should expect outstanding visually content, up-to-date methods, relevant substance, fresh and evolving ideas, consistent heart and commitment, dependability and over delivery. I can say that certainly explains our experience and I am certain that God strategically aligned our company with the gift Tahneesha brings through her company. I now find Tahneesha to be a friend and partner with us and I can confidently say that hiring A Virtual Blessing has been one of the best marketing decisions I have made for our company!

Keitra Robinson
CEO and Co-Founder, Believer's Gear

Tahneesha has added a whole new layer of connection to our organization. Through her SM activities she keeps our constituency “in the know.” She represents our organization very well. Her posts are always professional, timely and complement our branding nicely. She understands the social media landscape and the needs of our constituency, navigating the technology to deliver what our constituency has come to expect from us.  

Marcie Thomas
Marcie Thomas, Executive Director, CCNI

I was looking for viable ways to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to promote my project and build a brand. Tahneesha provided me with a detailed, personalized plan that included a host of industry resources and best practices to establish an online presence. Most impressive was the fact that Tahneesha keeps her skills sharp by staying abreast of current social media trends and drawing upon other top names in social media marketing. This ensures her content is always “fresh” and relevant. Tahneesha was also very patient and thorough when it came to answering my follow up questions. This was very important to me because when you pay for a product, you always want to feel as though you got your money’s worth. I can say in all honesty I received that and more. Tahneesha is a consummate professional and I look forward to working with her on future projects.

Natacha Cann
Founder, The Healing Letters Project

Tahneesha About Tahneesha
Hey there! Thanks for reading this post. I am the principal of A Virtual Blessing specializing in social media management for Christian entrepreneurs and coaches. I've been providing virtual business support since 2008. Don't forget to chime in with your comments or share this post if you found it helpful.