Kathleen Fischer
Christian Life and Business Coach

Dr. Michael J. Marx, Ed
Author, Professional Coach and Business Owner

Tahneesha has been the greatest asset to my business team.  She is positive and uplifting when I don't feel that way which prompts me to have a better day.   Tahneesha is exactly what my business needed because she has skills I don't possess and has been able to advance the business far beyond what I did alone. Not only does she have skills of writing ads, posting emails, helping with ebooks, newsletters and other; Tahneesha offers great ideas and critiques that improve business products. She has great planning and communication skills and keeps everything going on a timely basis. I appreciate her tremendously!

Sheron Chisholm
Sheron Chisholm, RN, Nurse's Coach, and Business Owner

Tahneesha About Tahneesha
Hey there! Thanks for reading this post. I am the principal of A Virtual Blessing specializing in social media management for Christian entrepreneurs and coaches. I've been providing virtual business support since 2008. Don't forget to chime in with your comments or share this post if you found it helpful.